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How to Overcome Driving Anxiety

So many people use private vehicles. Those who have driving phobia usually avoid them. If you are avoiding to drive due to some reasons; there is a possibility that you are suffering from a driving phobia. Driving phobia should be treated since it can lead to an accident. Driving phobia is caused by many things. You should find the cause of your driving phobia and get treated. If you do not take a step of treating a driving phobia, you might end up suffering every time you are behind the wheel.

Driving phobia is common among young and older adults as well. There are people who develop driving phobia when they find themselves in various situations. Some people fear driving at night, and others fear being caught on traffic. In this case, there are still people who do not want anything to do with driving. Driving phobia is one of the most common phobias among people. Study shows that people who have been involved in a road accident are most likely to develop a driving phobia.

Driving phobia can be treated through different techniques. It can be treated through both relaxation therapy and exposure therapy. Relaxation therapy contributes to reducing high blood pressure heart rate and breath rate. Exposure therapy will expose you to your phobia and make you feel free. You are advised to get prepared for the treatment. It will be necessary to identify what triggers your phobia and how severe your feelings are. It will be important to be specific on the time you get anxiety attack and why you want to be treated. This is the first step of the treatment.

Relaxation therapy will provide you with a plan to overcome your phobia. You will be required to get comfortable in your vehicle ensuring that you are in comfortable clothes. You should practice abdominal breathing in your car when you start to panic. Repeat the process several times. Its also important to practice progressive muscle relaxation. You should understand that this is important even when you don’t have panic attack.

When it comes to exposure therapy, you will be required to weigh the level of nervousness at each stage of exposure. Start relaxation exercises right after getting in your car. If you feel relaxed being in the car, you can start a short distance driving at minimal speed. When you are done with this step, you can increase the speed. Always ensure you are with someone during the process.

Driving phobia can make you feel embarrassed. This is why you are advised to seek treatment. If you are driving for the first time, you might end up feeling nervous. You area advised to ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition before starting to drive. You should also drive in speed limit. These tips will make you get rid of your driving phobia.
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